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Origine, the green all-purpose container

| Designbest editorial staff


ith organic design, natural materials and multi-functionality depending on one’s needs, Origine by La Casa di Pietra, designed by Gumdesign, is a versatile and chic container which comes from the concept of “origin” in order to create a centerpiece and small trays.

Half- vase and half-stone, this gray and beige cork and Grolla marble container goes all in on eco-sustainability: the cork comes from a genuine circular economy (from the plant to the production of wine corks until returning to granules molded with natural resins in order to come back as a new object), while the Grolla marble—which presents unique characteristics like resistance to salt, pollution, ice and water—comes from an eco-quarry where grass and trees are planted for each one take away.

The result is a container with an exclusive and green soul, yet one that is “down-to-earth” at the same time as joins us during our everyday activities and rituals: at the table for serving dried fruit and snacks, next to the sofa to serve bonbons to our guests, and in the bedroom to keep our jewelry organized and nearby.

Simple, versatile and chic.



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