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ST Origami, decorative craft paper Pagina - design OliviasNewBoyfriend 

| Designbest editorial staff


n contemporary home decor, a sentence, a catch-phrase, a poem are often framed or wall-mounted. But until this day, nobody had ever thought of copying their favourite novel. With Pagina by ST Origami, it’s now possible to read (and hang) and entire book.  


  • What is it Pagina by ST Origami is a new line decorative craft paper.
  • What is special Inspired by antique parchment paper, there’s an entire manuscript printed on a single piece of paper (from The Little Prince to Siddharta). From afar, this masterpiece of art and literature is extremely decorative and as you get closer, you are able to read an entire novel.
  • How is it made Pagina is a single sheet of craft paper decorated with international literary masterpieces, printed in the original language (66 x 220h cm). Pagina is biodegradable, environmentally friendly craft paper with a fabric-like texture, besides it’s digitally printed with sustainable ink. The text is available in different colours and fonts. There are 11 different novels to choose from: the Little Prince, Pinocchio, Siddharta, 10 little Indians, the Odyssey, the Metamorphosis, Alice in wonderland, White nights, Sentimental education, a Doll’s house, Taketori monogatari.
  • Who is it by OliviasNewBoyfriend collective for ST Origami, a manufacturer of paper products started in Brescia, northern Italy, in 2015. From pop-up cards in kirigami-style to novelty craft paper, all the products are environmentally friendly and sustainable, in fact T Origami pays special attention to safeguard the environment.
  • We have chosen it because… Elegant, dramatic, extraordinary: using written text as part of the decoration is a timeless, classic idea (you only have to think of parchment paper or calligraphy exercises), although using an entire novel is undoubtedly a work of art. 


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