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Arper, Paravan Mood set - design Lievore Altherr

| Designbest editorial staff


ere, ultra-contemporary objects with a simple aesthetic create an ordered space. The latest stylish touch for your home office: a set of smart, characterful modular accessories.


  • What is it Paravan Mood by Arper, a new set of accessories for modular panels.
  • What is special A set of functional accessories with a bold aesthetic, perfect for organizing and personalising your home office. Besides, the simple shapes are joined to create unique decorative objects.
  • How is it made All the accessories are made of folded sheet metal, available in matt white or dark grey. They are especially designed to organise and personalise the space in the best possible way, integrating the collection of modular panels by the same name. Each panel is fitted with a blackboard, hooks, mirrors, magazine racks (wall or panel-mounted), shelves, electric turret and desk screens, while the table top is available in all the finishes manufactured by Arper.
  • Who is it by Lievore Altherr, a design studio established in 2016 by Alberto Lievore (An Argentinean designer born in 1948) and Jeannette Altherr (a German designer born in 1965) as well as the natural progression of studio Lievore Altherr Molina. With a focus on design as well as creative direction, strategic consulting and ephemeral architecture, the Barcelona-based studio has a holistic approach that combines product design and its communication. Creativity, a humanist character and a quest for simplicity, combined with a sensitivity that conveys harmony and balance, represent the style of these two designers. 
  • We have chosen it because‚Ķ With simple geometries and prime colours, it allows you to organise the space in a functional way as well as to invent bold, elegant decorations to integrate with your personal style.
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