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Paşabahçe, V-Block

| Designbest editorial staff


ntimicrobial glass is the result of the revolutionary V-Block technology developed by Şişecam Group. It is a state-of-the-art innovation that blocks the growth of microorganisms on glass surfaces.

Paşabahçe, the brand leader in glassware of the Şişecam Group, is bringing it to table by introducing the world’s first antimicrobial glasses.

Thanks to a unique formula and application technique, the glasses (and even the chalices and glass coffee cups) are not only always sanitized, but maintain an antibacterial barrier forever. It is a brilliant solution, especially during this public health crisis, because V-Block guarantees the most in hygiene 24/7.

It is all thanks to the formula which, having been applied to the glass at high temperatures during production, remains active for the glass’s entire lifecycle: not by chance its efficacy has been approved by Turkey’s Health Ministry.

Beautiful, elegant, scratchproof, resistant to food, dishwasher safe and now antimicrobial, there is no doubt that Paşabahçe V-Block glasses are a must-have at the table.



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