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Pelty speaker

| Designbest editorial staff


t’s wireless and powerful with excellent sound quality too. What more could you wish for from a portable speaker? Well, check-out this Bluetooth version: in ceramic, wood and glass, it produces a crystal clear sound thanks to the heat of a flame.


  • What is it Pelty, a Bluetooth speaker powered by fire.  
  • What is special It’s the sole portable, Bluetooth speaker in the world that’s fire-powered. It requires neither electric cables nor batteries as it’s powered by a tiny bioetanol tank (although it works with a standard household alcohol cleaner too), besides it’s eco-friendly and it’s entirely made in Italy with top quality materials.
  • How is it made It’s made from Italian ceramic, wood and glass and is fire-powered. It requires neither electric cables nor batteries as it’s powered by a tiny tank that works with any standard fuel (household alcohol cleaner or alternatively, bioetanol is preferred as it’s odourless and has a low CO2 emission). Entirely eco-friendly, it has a ceramic structure that houses the tank and the wick that rests in turn, on a wooden base. The Peltier cell that reproduces the music, is housed inside the structure. It has a life of 4 hours, although it works for several minutes with no flame as well, giving you time to refuel the tank.
  • Who is it by The young entrepreneur Edoardo Bosio, the ceramic manufacturer Tripepi and a team of expert professionals and ecology enthusiasts have worked together for two years before creating the final version of the Pelty Bluettoth speaker.  
  • We have chosen it because… Pelty is a proud moment for “Made in Italy” design: hi-tech, exclusive (the sole device in the world that has this type of technology) and above all, eco-friendly and designed and manufactured entirely in Italy. With Pelty, it’s an entirely different kind of music.


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