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Guzzini, oil bottle Perfect Dressing - design Guzzini Lab

| Designbest editorial staff


simple silhouette and an innovative top: Perfect Dressing by Guzzini, the latest glass oil/ vinegar bottle on the market, focuses on functionality. Besides, it serves condiments without dripping. Whether you’re on a diet or always on the go, Perfect Dressing was especially designed for the people who cannot live without an elegant table, even if it’s just for a salad.


  • What is it Perfect Dressing by Guzzini is an oil bottle with non-drip top.
  • What is special Its non-drip top is a life-saver too: as you measure out oil and vinegar without dripping (to the benefit of your line and the tablecloth too).
  • How is it made It’s in glass with a non-drip top in either red or clear acrylic. It’s part of the collection Kitchen Active Dressing.
  • Who is it by Guzzini Lab by Guzzini specializes in design-led accessories for the table, kitchen as well as home-décor. Started in Recanati in 1912, throughout the years Guzzini gone from manufacturing utensils in ox horn to plastic and glass production and nowadays it combines Made in Italy design with a contemporary aesthetic that focuses on practicality.
  • We have chosen it because… At the sound of “can you pass the oil please? the greasy oil bottle slips from your hands and as you are contending with acrobatic moves, trying to pay the utmost care, a drop of oil invariably lands on the table cloth. Raise your hands if it hasn’t happened to you at least once. Until now at least. In fact, Perfect Dressing by Guzzini puts an end to this.


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