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Pieces of Venice, Taxi (San Pietro di Castello)

| Designbest editorial staff


wooden propeller, a toy car, a shoe horn...What do these three objects have in common? Love for Venice, tradition and children. This translates into original and poetic designs with a focus on helping others.


  • What is it? Pieces of Venice is a project centred around recycling noble Venetian materials.
  • What is special about it? Fun designs that are rich in history nonetheless, as they possess the scents and the spirit of Venice. Each piece is made from recycled materials found around the city and the Lagoon and has a conscious soul: to bring back forgotten objects and to bring kids and adults closer together.
  • How is it made? Each piece is made from recycled materials found around the city of Venice and the Lagoon. In fact, Piece of Venice gives a new life to boat chains, piers, raised platforms, anchors and the briccole traditionally used to signal the navigation routes in the Venice Lagoon: customers can by these one-off pieces and assemble them together or turn them into new designs. We can buy a simple table that used be the ship’s deck, or a paper weight or a swing seat: the collection includes toy cars, propellers, frogs, venetian water taxis, shoe horns, as well as walking sticks, swings and rocking horses...
  • Who is it by? Driven by their love for design and the city of Venice, Luciano Marson and Luca Cerchier have decided to work with Karin Friebel to salvage noble materials from the Lagoon and turn them into works of art, capable of preserving the city and its inhabitants. In fact, Pieces of Venice is a Benefit Company project, in other words it promotes recycling materials and works in partnership with many brands to preserve the environment and regenerate communities. Pieces of Venice is mainly aimed at two age groups (kids and the elderly) and has worked with several designers to create new channels of communication through toys and traditional objects. The collection includes accessories, traditional objects, toys, as well as the parts of an old deck that you can customize to your own taste by cutting it, making wholes, sanding it downs and varnishing it with vegetable oil. The pieces of the collection are signed by Baldessari e Baldessari, Mariapia Bellis, Carlo Cumini, Giulio Iachetti, Luciano Marson, Lorenzo Palmieri, Matteo Ragni and Marco Zito.
  • We have chosen it because... Pieces of Venues are small fun and playful objects with a poetic undertone. These pieces in fact, have been designed to make the world a better place, as they help to bridge the generational gap and they help preserve the city of Venice. What’s more, they are inspired by the smells and the memory of the Lagoon and are the perfect keepsake, so you can remember the emotions evoked by this magic place.


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