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NasonMoretti, collection Pinocchio - design Giulio Iacchetti

| Designbest editorial staff


o you remember the fairytale of Pinocchio, who transforms from a puppet into a... vase? By replacing wood with glass, Giulio Iacchetti has created a unique interpretation of Carlo Collodi’s iconic children’s character. 


  • What is it Pinocchio by NasonMoretti, a collection of vases in hand-blown glass.
  • What is special about it Every vase results from combining simple geometric shapes: cylinder, spheres, cones. It results in a series of fun, iconic characters that instantly bring to mind the tale of Pinocchio.
  • How is it made The collection includes three vases in glass (in different sizes), hand-blown by master glass makers. Simple as well as iconic, it’s inspired by the table of Pinocchio.
  • Who is it by The industrial designer Giulio Iacchetti has worked in partnership with the top brands in the field since 1992. He started the brand Internoitaliano in 2012 that manufactures objects, accessories and furniture, in simple yet contemporary aesthetic. Research as well as constantly producing new object typologies represents the brand’s distinctive feature: it’s no coincidence that throughout his career, Giulio won two ADI Compasso d’Oro awards.
  • We have chosen it because… Additionally to being stylish, they have a fun, fresh feel. Elegant and playful, as they combine traditional glass-making techniques with a reference to a children’s classic novel.


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