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Alessi, electric kettle Plissé, design Michele De Lucchi

| Designbest editorial staff


artly sculpture and partly tailor-made suit, the latest “compact” version of De Lucchi’s kettle is bound to be even more popular than the earlier version: a stylish piece always within reach.


  • What is it Plissé by Alessi, the latest version of the “pleated” electric kettle.
  • What is special It’s the small-scale, one litre-version of the earlier version, originally designed in 2018. Although it’s smaller, it preserves the appeal and elegance of the larger design, transforming a standard kettle into a stylish piece. It’s especially on trend, as pleated skirts are a seasonal must-have.
  • What is it It’s an electric kettle in thermoplastic resin, available in four colours (red, black, white and grey). Available in two styles (is the one-litre version is the new addition), it’s inspired by pleated fabrics and combines geometric design and tailor-made style.
  • Who is it made Born in 1951, the Italian designer, architect and academic Michele De Lucchi is one of the key players on the contemporary Italian design scene. Michele De Lucchi is renowned for having designed the most popular lamp around the world (Tolomeo) and working alongside key personalities such as Ettore Sottsass, he has refreshed the Italian design of the second half of the twentieth century. His style is the perfect combination of poetry and function, classicism and romanticism, although constantly innovative. It is no coincidence that his designs are in some of the most important design museums in the world.
  • We have chosen it because… Inspired by the latest trends (pleated skirts in fact are a seasonal must-have), its clean geometric aesthetic pays a tribute to the world of high-fashion. As a result, geometric precision and block colours add a stylish touch to the kitchen.


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