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Porta Nuova, the ice bucket in Milanese style

| Designbest editorial staff



orta Nuova is a new ice bucket, designed by Fabio Novembre for Driadekosmo. Its design is an ode to the new neighbourhood of Porta Nuova in Milan and its distinct architecture style. Fabio Novembre has also designed a series of trays inspired by the architecture of Italian squares, so Porta Nuova seems to be the right conclusion to this series.


  • What is it? Porta Nuova is a handmade ice bucket in sliver plated brass. It's essentially a scale model of the centre of the new neighbourhood of Porta Nuova in Milan.
  • What is special about it? Porta Nuova is inspired by Milanese night life. This ice bucket brings together a refined aesthetic with a clear sense of style. It transforms one of the newest and most iconic squares in Milan in a unique, yet still extremely functional, home accessory.
  • How is it made? Porta Nuova is a handmade piece in silver plated brass. It's a scale model of the new neighbourhood of Porta Nuova in Milan.


  • Who is it by? Fabio Novembre is one of the stars of Italian design. He's constantly looking for a balance between what's good and what's beautiful. His products are the result of his vitality, which is sometimes even a little bit irreverent, coupled with his distinct pop tastes. And this, results in an unforgettable style. In fact, his motto is: “By constantly biting off more than I can chew, I've ended up having extremely strong teeth”.
  • We have chosen it because... The ice bucket is always an extremely refined accessory, with a classic style and sometimes its design can even be a little predictable. However, Porta Nuova, is clearly a contemporary piece, with an unconventional design inspired by the new architecture of the city of Milan. In fact, it's a faithful scale model of the skyscrapers by Cesar Pelli, built in Porta Nuova Garibaldi. However, this is also an extremely functional piece, which bring design and architecture together with a good bottle of wine. Bottoms up!


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