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Portable Aroma Diffuser by Muji

| Designbest editorial staff


stone that reminds you of home and that you carry with you too: this perfectly describes Muji’s new home fragrance diffuser, in line with the brand’s oriental-inspired style and philosophy. It’s equally suited for the modern-day nomad or anyone who’s looking for a new obsession.


  • What is it Portable Aroma Diffuser, the portable home fragrance diffuser.
  • What is special It’s a tiny, compact and portable home fragrance diffuser. Evolved from the traditional incense burner, it works with ultrasounds, charges with a usb cable and comes in a practical case complete with its own fragrance. So, you are able to put it in your purse and carry it with you.
  • How is it made As its stone-shaped, it’s a subtle and familiar object (its style is distinctively oriental-inspired), besides it vaporises the water and essential oils with ultrasound waves. But above all, you are able to carry it with you thanks to a practical case with its own fragrance (you just need to apply a few drops on the filter) as well as its usb cable.
  • Who is it by The Japanese brand Muji focuses on a no-logo design strategy, yet with a distinctive style that has transformed dynamic, practical elegance in its selling point, recognizable everywhere.
  • We have chosen it because…  For us, being reminded of home when at work too is the best way to avoid stress. And this tiny diffuser sits in your bad beside your laptop. Besides, there’s room for it in the rucksack you take on weekend trips, in the trolley you take on business trips and in the suitcase you take on holiday suitcase ... With Portable Aroma Diffuser by Muji, you are reminded of home wherever you go.


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