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HI-MACS®, collection Primitive Kitchen

| Designbest editorial staff


Are you one of those people who likes to get his hands messy when cooking? Then, Primitive Kitchen Stool by  HI-MACS® will be right for you. Primitive Kitchen Stool byHI-MACS® is a chopping boards that blends traditional aesthetics with cutting edge technology, it turns even the simplest of recipes into a proper ritual. Perfect for cooks who like to mix ancient flavours with novelty recipes.


  • What is it? Primitive Kitchen Stool by HI-MACS® is a new chopping board in acrylic stone.  
  • What is special about it? It has a modern design as well as an ancestral soul that literally takes us back to the stone age. And with a pinch of irony, it helps us become real chefs: we can rediscover ancient flavours and dust off old family recipes.
  • How is it made? It’s in HI-MACS®,a top-of-the-line type of acrylic stone, extremely durable and hygienic too. The perfect material for cooking as it has a poreless and jointless surface; this prevents dirt and bacteria from settling as well as making it extremely easy to clean. The slab looks as if it’s chiselled from one block of stone, whereas the stone has a sharp edge for mincing and chopping and a dull edge (the same side of the handle) for crushing and milling.
  • Who is it by? The Swedish designer Erik Bele Höglund was inspired by the Palaeolithic to design an ironically modern object able to turn cooking into a unique and fun daily ritual.
  • We have chosen it because… We enjoy ourselves more in the kitchen when we’re making a mess. And this chopping board inspired by the Stone Age has piqued our interest, it has encouraged us to dust off old family recipes and use fresh ingredients... So, Primitive Kitchen Stool by HI-MACS® turns cooking into a proper ritual to be enjoyed alone or in company. You’ll definitely need Primitive Kitchen Stool by HI-MACS® in your kitchen this Christmas.



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