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| Designbest editorial staff


mall, discreet and practical: this is UC 01, the new desk-top charger by Punkt. UC 01 fits in the palm of your hand and what's more, it can charge up to three devices simultaneously. What's its secret? Three USB ports!

  • What is it? UC 01, is a desk-top charger which can charge at the same time your mobile phone, pc and iPad. UC 01 is both efficient and quick.

  • What is special about it? UC 01 is compact in size, yet very powerful. Compared to other versions on the market, its intensity doesn't diminish even when three devices are connected simultaneously. What's more, UC 01 comes with two power cables, available in two different lengths (50 cm and 200 cm) so, you can use it anywhere you like.  

  • How is it made? UC 01 has a minimalist aesthetic, a calibrated weight which keeps it steady, three USB ports, multi-voltage with regulator an intensity which is simply out of this world.

  • Who is it by? Jasper Morrison is an English designer who has made of minimalism and extreme simplicity his trade mark. What's his ethos? Function above everything else. In fact, the highest value a product can aspire to is normality.

  • We have chosen it because... All of us have portable devices, chargers, adaptors and to find the right socket is sometimes a real mission; not to mention those nasty tangled wires. UC01 satisfies this need with elegant simplicity. Put in on your desk, bedside table or carry it with you. 

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