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Dyson, Pure Cool Purifier

| Designbest editorial staff


can either heat a room up or cool it down. What are we exactly talking about? The new powerful hot and cold fan heater by Dyson. Its thermostat automatically sets temperature and filters air, its design is also bladeless and noiseless.

  • What is it?  Pure Cool Purifier is a fan heater with a clean-cut bladeless design.
  • What is special about it? It has a minimalist design and revolutionary tecnology. Pure Cool Purifier is worlds apart from similar versions, this fan heater resembles a sculpture: it's the perfect heating and cooling device and it also purifies the air. What's more, it's fitted with a silent mechanism.
  • How is it made? Pure Cool Purifier is fitted with digital bladeless technology; this controls air flow, evenly heating and cooling any space. It's fitted with an intelligent thermostat, which sets temperature and switches the machine off when not in use to avoid unnecessary waste. 
  • Who is it by? James Dyson, owner of the namesake brand of cutting-edge appliances (especially vacuum cleaners and fan heaters), is also the inventor of the revolutionary cyclonic separation principle. And what's his motto? “We strive for invention and improvement”. In fact, Dyson usually works alongside a team of 1000 between engineers and scientists.
  • We have chosen it beacause….It’s perfect for cooling the whole house down in a short space of time (without disrupting our afternoon nap). It works so quietly and so intelligently, you can even have it on at night and you can always be sure it will automatically adjust the temperature. During winter time, it' ll easily turn into a functional space-saving heater. 
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