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| Designbest editorial staff


ure Perfection is a fresh new line of fabrics by Nya Nordiska; exquisite and extremely sophisticated. Subtle elegance: pastel tones and attention to detail make this a true stand out piece. 

  • What is it? Pure Perfection, is a line of elegant and refined fabrics, inspired by nature. Pure Perfection is defined by an irregular texture, 3D qualities and contrasting light and shadows.
  •  What is special about it? Pure Perfection is a fabric range, which includes four different exclusive styles. Noda, made from recycled leather, which has been crushed and mixed with colour pigments and with the same material qualities as leather. Shadow, extra-soft fabric with an abstract pattern depicting a series of leaves, inspired by contrasting light and shadows. E Kyto CS and Myako, the first one resembles crinkled paper and the second one embroidered organza.
  • How is it made? Pure Perfectionis a line of fabrics made using special manufacturing techniques: Noda made from recycled leather, Shadow made using a chain printer, Kyoto which is flock-coated, laser cut and hand finished and finally, Myako, in embroidered organza made with a criss cross pattern and mounted on linen backing.
  • Who is it by?  Nya Nordiska, this textile firm has celebrates 50 years in the business. Nya Nordiska  has always produced top quality fabrics, suitable for upholstery and domestic interiors. Renowned for its innovative manufacturing techniques and ground-breaking designs, it has won over 300 awards. 

  • We have chosen it because...  We like its fresh new design, innovative manufacturing techniques, bold prints and fabrics with a theatrical feel, which can also be extremely subtle and versatile. We also like the natural inspiration, which makes for a warm and welcoming home. 
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