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Mepra, Quarta Posata

| Designbest editorial staff


et the table with knife, fork, spoon, and a tong. Yes, that’s right Quarta Posata is a tong by Mepra. Highly creative and functional, Quarta Posata comes from a partnership between Mepra and JRE-Italia (Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe-Italie, the Italian chapter of the association of young European restaurateurs). Quarta Posata also received the 2016 Good Design Award.


  • What is it? Quarta Posata by Mepra is a tong.
  • What is special about it? It’s a special tong, which can be used with fork, knife and spoon. Quarta Posata is a tribute to Spanish chef Ferran Adrià, known for carrying his tapa tong always around with him. And its original practicality is essentially why it won the 2016 Good Design Award under the category “Design Excellence”.  
  • How is it made? Stainless steel, various finishes available (steel, ice, rainbow, champagne, black gold, gold and bronze). Its clean and simple aesthetics are ideal for any occasion.
  • Who is it by? For this project, president of JRE-Italia Marco Stabile has worked in partnership with young chefs and Mepra, a leading Italian brand in the field of cutlery design. The main intent was to turn the traditional tong into a practical, creative and elegant accessory.
  • We have chosen it because… Quarta Posata replaces conventional cutlery and adds a touch of refinement to your tablescape. With its creative young flair, Quarta Posata by Mepra is an elegant addition to your table. And we guarantee it’ll be a big hit with your guests.


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