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| Designbest editorial staff


hat happens when Le Corbusier meets Esprit Nouveau art? The answer to this is Réaction Poétique by Cassina; a new line of timber furniture and tableware. Réaction Poétique is organic just like Le Corbusier's architecture; clean-cut geometry and a rational aesthetic, inspired by twenties design. This is really chic!

  • What is it? Réaction Poétique is a line which includes four centrepieces, a tray and two coffee tables. All products are in solid ash-wood.
  • What is special about it? Réaction Poétique is inspired by the style of times gone by, updated with a modern twist. In this way, home accessories and small items of furniture become real sculptures, dressed in elegant black. All pieces are functional and sophisticated and this will make your home stand out in any occasion.
  • How is it made? All pieces are in solid ash-wood, stained black in a special “low-gloss” finish for extra shine. They also come with a certificate of authenticity. 
  • Who is it by? Jaime Hayon, Spanish artist and designer, who has a unique creative freshness. His philosophy is a simple one: to bring art and design together. Jaime Hayon is inspired by traditional crafts and in fact, his designs often draw from Italian art. With what result? Products “suitable for a modern home, just like a tray or a coffee table but with sculptural qualities, which add interesting shapes, light and shadows”. 
  • We have chosen it because... We really like the unusual design of these pieces. In fact, coffee tables, trays and centrepieces almost look like real cubist sculptures. They add style, warmth and refinement to any setting and are a great nod to the past. We need them right away!


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