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Bello, chopping board recipeBoard

| Designbest editorial staff


ow much jowl bacon do you need for a plate of Amatriciana pasta? How many aubergines do you need for a plate of Norma pasta? If you need a hand in the kitchen, try asking this beech chopping board. You only have to place all the ingredients according to the puzzle and hey presto, the chopping board informs you on the correct quantities for the most popular Italian pasta dishes. 


  • What is it recipeBoard by Bello, a chopping board that helps you measure out the ingredients.
  • What is special It’s a handcrafted, wooden chopping board that helps you cook. The engravings on the top in fact, serve to measure out the ingredients (written on the top itself) of some of the most popular traditional Italian dishes such as “spaghetti alla amatriciana”, “tagliatelle alla bolognese” and “maccheroni alla Norma”.
  • How is it made It’s a handcrafted, beech chopping board. Every chopping is especially designed for a specific dish (“spaghetti alla amatriciana”, “tagliatelle alla bolognese”, “maccheroni alla norma”):an engraved, graphic pattern measures out the precise quantities you need for every dish.
  • Who is it by Daniele Baglioni is the art director of Bello, an Italian firm that focuses on a small craftsmanship production, opting for quality materials and unique designs. The brand’s style? To foster beauty in an attempt to make your everyday life more enjoyable.
  • We have chosen it because… A quick plate of pasta? It’s really not so easy (not for everyone at least). With this magical chopping board, everyone is able to have a go at preparing some of the most popular Italian dishes and to pretend you know how to prepare them by heart.



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