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Samsung Stackers 

| Designbest editorial staff


veryone who grew up in the Eighties knows Tetris, the classic block crushing video game which enthralled entire generations. And today we can even play it in our fridges. Samsung and TetrisTM present Samsung Stackers, a collection of limited-edition containers inspired by the classic tetrominoes.

Fun and practical, these new containers were made to help us reduce food waste and get the most out of our fridge space. Plus, they are for a good cause: the proceeds of Samsung Stackers will go entirely to the European Food Banks Federation.

After carrying a study in Italy during the pandemic, Samsung discovered that food waste is a daily problem that touches many people. 75% of those interviewed admitted to feeling guilty about how much waste, while 61% became more aware of how much they waste during the lockdown. In this regard, 74% of Italians believe that a better food organization system would help them reduce waste and conserve food longer.

That’s how the idea of Samsung Stackers came about. This set includes the video game’s seven iconic shapes and colors (cyan, yellow, purple, green, blue and orange) to turn the fridge and freezer into a multicolored and perfectly organized “screenshot”.

All you need to do is stack the Tetris pieces in various combinations to optimize the space for leftovers, fruit and other food. Samsung Stackers are available to purchase at samsung.com/tetris. Get them soon! These containers have been made to perfectly fit the compartments of our fridge. Putting away groceries will become a fun game for the whole family.



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