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| Designbest editorial staff


ho hasn’t dreamt, at least once in their lifetime, of becoming a graffiti artist and decorating the walls with blown-up images or poetry? Scribit now comes to your rescue. Scribit is a robot that reproduces any digital graphic on the walls and windows of your home. And if you change your mind, you can do-over with a click.


  • What is it? Scribit is a robot that paints on the walls.
  • What is special? Scribit is a veritable hi-tech gem: small and easy to use, it allows you to transform the walls and windows of your home into real works of art, using your favourite drawings, images and decorative patterns. And if you change your mind, you can delete everything with its special app, inventing a new pattern.
  • How is it made? Scribit is a device fitted with special felt-tips that through a special app, reproduce any digital graphic connecting to your computer (text, images, decorative patterns) and then transferring it to the walls and the windows too. Scribit is a plotter 6,6 x 3,15 inches, clad in aluminium and designed in such a way as it climbs on the walls. Relying on two thin cables to move up and down, Scribit draws images and text on the walls with a special thermosensible ink (that you can redo endless times). Scribit only requires two nails, an electric socket and an internet connection to connect it to a special app. And you can start again if you change your mind.
  • Who is it by? Carlo Ratti is a professor at MIT as well as the owner of the international design studio Carlo Ratti Associati. Italian architect and engineer, Carlo Ratti is an expert in digital technology and his work includes urban planning, interior design and furniture design. Technological innovation is a constant focus.
  • We have chosen it because…  Without a doubt, trying a hand at graffiti writing, transforming the walls of your home with graphics and decorative patterns, is going to be as amusing for the kids as for their parents. Let your imagination run wild and transform the living room, the entrance and the bedroom too: and if you change your mind, you can start again without having to redecorate the room.


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