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Fissler, cooking pan SensoRed

| Designbest editorial staff


s it possible to save on cooking time without compromising the end result? With SensoRed by Fissler this is now a reality. SensoRed is the latest smart pan set by Fissler, each piece brightens up showing the right cooking temperature. 


  • What is it? SensoRed by Fissler is a heat-sensitive non-stick pan.
  • What is special about it? SensoRed is non-stick, hardwearing and ergonomic, basically foolproof. In fact, its red exterior changes colour with heat; this shows when it has reached the right cooking temperature.
  • How is it made? SensoRed is a heat-sensitive non-stick pan with an easy-grip ergonomic handle. Plus, its red exterior changes colour with heat, showing when it has reached the right cooking temperature for fish, meat or vegetables.
  • Who is it by? Over a century old, Fissler has made a name for itself for superior quality cookware. Retailed in Italy by Punto De, Fissler is known for its clean aesthetics and cutting edge technology, pieces especially designed to make your life a lot simpler.
  • We have chosen it because‚Ķ What a mess: the meat is undercooked, the courgettes are burned and the fish is glued to the pan. But, SensoRed by Fissler has finally come to your rescue, and will never let you down. 


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