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Viceversa, mezzaluna knife Shy Herb

| Designbest editorial staff

Shy Herb by Viceversa: fold it, close it, use it with one hand only. This ground-breaking mezzaluna knife is more than just a simple kitchen utensil, it’s a highly versatile piece with a fun vibe.


  • What is it? Shy Herb by Viceversa is a folding mezzaluna knife.
  • What is special about it? Thanks to its ground-breaking design, Shy Herb won the first edition of the ADI Compasso d’Oro International Award. Shy Herb is a space-saver (it folds and closes on itself), safe (its handles also act as blade guards), durable and easy to use, it can even be used with one hand only.
  • How is it made? Two folding handles in plastic, they are attached to the blade via two pins at the bottom end. When this mezzaluna knife isn’t  in use, its handles folds onto the blade and in effect, act as a blade guard.
  • Who is it by? DesignerPaolo Metaldi was born in 1980 and has always been interested in household accessories, chiefly kitchen gadgets. He describes his work: “When designing something new, I reflect on day-to-day life and on natural shapes; this is what inspires me”.
  • We have chosen it because... Shy Herb has a relaxed feel, even if it’s an extremely innovative piece. It challenges conventional mezzaluna knives, making it ,in a single stroke, more beautiful, easy to use and safer than anything else on the market. Needless to say, it’ll appeal to both experienced chefs and beginners. 
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