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Smart Door by Dierre, open your front door with a phone app

| Designbest editorial staff


very time we’re outside the front door, we always waste time looking for our keys, turning our pockets out and rummaging through our bags. At any rate, this was true until yesterday. Now, life is a lot easier with Smart Door by Dierre, the armoured door which you can control from your mobile. Smart Door by Dierre can also be controlled from far away.   

  • What is it? Smart Door System Security is an intelligent electronic system. It’s activated with a simple app, which, through a microchip, controls the opening and closing of the door. 
  • What is special about it? First of all, you can stop looking for your keys every time you want to open and close the door. Then, this system allows you, using your mobile, to open and close the door even when you’re far away. We cannot find our keys in the bag? Our son has gone out and has forgotten his keys again? This system solves all this problems.
  • How is it made? The armoured door Elettra Detector has a built-in microchip with state of the art automatic electronic system. It’s enough to synchronize your mobile with the Smart Door System Security app every time you want to open or close the door. 
  • Who is it by? Dierre first began production in 1975 and is now a leading name in the field of armoured doors, especially those which are highly technological. Innovation, security and design: these are its strong points, which, without fail, we find in every single design.
  • We have chosen it because… We often end up wasting precious minutes, frantically looking for our keys. And how many times, leaving in a hurry, we have forgotten them at home. Finally, with this system, we can breathe a sigh of relief: we only need our mobile phone to open the front door…but, you can never forget it!
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