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Soapack by Mi Zohou

| Designbest editorial staff


oapack by Mi Zhou Scent are a line of elegant, stylish and distinctively sustainable soap bottles. A stylish addition to any bathroom, this line is “naturally” brilliant. And what if they were made entirely out of vegetable soap?


  • What is it Soapack by Mi Zhou, a line of soap bottles made of vegetable soap.
  • What is special These elegant soap bottles are authentic bars of vegetable soap. Coated in special mineral pigments that are covered in turn with beeswax, these waterproof bottles store soap and cream. Besides, they serve as soap bars once empty.
  • How is it made They are made of vegetable soap, coloured with special mineral pigments in pastel tones. All the bottles are subsequently covered with a waterproof layer of beeswax. Once empty, the bottles serve as authentic bars of soap.
  • Who is it by Soapack was designed by the young Japanese designer Mi Zhou as part of her dissertation at Central Saint Martins, London. Her motto? Packaging too is a matter of cultural anthropology.
  • We have chosen it because…  In addition to being beautiful, they contain a brilliant idea, which is good for the environment: to stylishly reduce waste.


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