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Guzzini, lamp Soirée - design Diego Vencato and Marco Merendi

| Designbest editorial staff


n the breakfast table, the side table, the terrace and what about while we are taking a stroll too: we cannot turn down perfect lighting. Soirée, the reversible lamp by Guzzini is the answer. Hi-tech, wireless, rechargeable and portable, the light intensity can be adjusted as well and when need be it becomes a tiny lantern.


  • What is it? Soiréepart of the Light Collection by Guzzini, the new portable lamp.
  • What is special about it? Soirée is a table lamp with a simple, clean aesthetic, yet it turns light in pure innovation as well. Hi-tech, rechargeable, wireless and it becomes a tiny lantern when need be. Soirée is the perfect light for every moment.
  • How is it made? Soirée is a table lamp with a shade/ lantern and a stem in ABS available in several colours. The lantern is in PMMA in a glossy finish, there’s an external see-through casing and the light has a cover in ABS and a diffuser in see-through PMMMA. The light is fitted with 32 warm-light Leds and the soft-touch light switch adjusts the light intensity (from 5% to 100%), whereas you can use the top hook to hang the lantern or move it around. When the battery is empty a red Led switches on, when it’s full a blue light goes on. You can recharge the lamp via a usb port and a its lithium battery has a 12 hour life.
  • Who is it by? Marco Merendi and Diego Mercato are two Italian architects with a passion for design and simple aesthetics (paying attention towards the future too). For Marco and Diego designing means constant experimentation, in a quest for innovation: reaching an increasingly higher level of simplification, removing the features that aren’t deemed essential, leaving room for playful poetry.
  • We have chosen it because…  The old lantern has that romantic charm that immediately makes the atmosphere more poetic and projects us into the magic of summer evenings. This lamp, however, has an extra edge, because in its light and refined aesthetics it hides a hi-tech heart that transforms it with nonchalance into a very comfortable table light, to be used also in the home, in all seasons.


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