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Bunaco Speaker by nendo

| Designbest editorial staff


ightweight, transparent, futuristic and chic: this sculptural speaker creates a more extensive realism in sound whilst safeguarding the environment.

  • What is it? Speaker by Bunaco, is a wireless speaker that exploits the properties of beechwood.
  • What’s special about it?  First of all, you would never say that this is a speaker. Plus, it produces a uniquely clear and soft tone with little distortion
  • How is it made? The design of the speaker sees a thin strip of beechwood - sourced the Aomori region in Japan – which was made using traditional Japanese craftsmanship techniques. The speaker is enclosed within an acrylic cylinder to highlight the design and the beechwood is used to exploit its sound-absorbing qualities to produce a uniquely clear and soft tone.
  • Who is it by? Oki Sato, better known as Nendo, is an internationally acclaimed designer. With simple aesthetics and a touch of whimsy, Nendo turns any idea into a functional object with clean and pure lines.
  • We have chosen it because… Sophisticated, lightweight and poetic, it’s a sculptural twist on the speaker.   What’s more, it’s a way for users to comprehend the structural functionality: it could be mistaken for a vase, a lamp or a simple decorative object… but put the music on and you will be transported to a magical world.


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