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Guzzini, squeezer-juicer Squeeze Press

| Designbest editorial staff


hat’s your poison, lemonade, freshly-squeezed juice or smoothies? We only trust in Squeeze Press by Fratelli Guzzini. Squeeze Press is a citrus squeezer which doubles as a juicer, designed to refresh your summer within seconds, giving you a much needed energy boost.


  • What is it? Squeeze Press by Fratelli Guzzini is a hand operated citrus squeezer/ juicer.
  • What is special about it? Compact, easy to use and ultra powerful. Within seconds, this top of the line squeezer/ juicer will produced freshly squeezed juice (considerably quicker than a standard citrus squeezer).
  • How is it made? Its lid is fitted with a filter which doubles as a sieve; this in turn separates the pulp from the rest of the juice. Plus, this citrus squeezer is uniquely cut, so it squeezes juice to perfection, down to its very last drop. The hollow base is effectively an ergonomic grip.
  • Who is it by? Silvana Angeletti born in 1969 and Daniele Ruzza born in 1967. Silvana and Daniele are founding partners of Angeletti Ruzza Design, a design studio with a wide ranging body of work, which includes lighting design, furniture design, hotel interiors and kitchen appliances.
  • We have chosen it because… Squeeze Press by Fratelli Guzzini works just like a standard citrus squeezer, however it’s much more practical as it squeezes down to its very last drop. Squeeze Press is really easy to use, your kids won’t complain about finding pulp in their juice and all the family will benefit from a much needed energy boost.


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