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Aquatic Creatures by Riccardo Capuzzo

| Designbest editorial staff


uffer fish that becomes a hot-air balloon and brings dolphins, sharks and penguins into flight. What exactly are we talking about? Well, these stencil drawings in sticker-form are changing the looks of our homes.

The subjects we are looking at are Riccardo Capuzzo’s magnificent aquatic creatures in the Artwork Decal project: art stickers in various shapes and sizes that can be attached to walls, tiles, surfaces, mirrors and other objects. Delicate yet striking, the lightly-traced Aquatic Creatures of this collection recall ink drawings and come on a sticky vinyl film, instantly providing a graphical and contemporary look to any room.

There is a diverse array of whales, turtles, fish and other creatures which evoke the power of the ocean. The images project a magical atmosphere in any space, combining tattoo style with the style of modern décor. It is just is needed to enjoy our homes even more while awaiting vacation. They are a dive not only into an imaginary world, but also into the protection of our oceans. Through this project, the Aquatic Creatures Artwork Decals project has solidified its collaboration with the non-profit WDC-Whale and Dolphin Conservation.



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