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Cordivari, system Stratos

| Designbest editorial staff


ithout a doubt, solar panels encourage you to save energy and safeguard the environment. However, they often stand out for entirely the wrong reasons, as they can be bulky and heavy. This isn’t true for Stratos by Cordivari, the newest thermal solar panel on the market. What’s more, for its elegant aesthetics and energy efficiency, Stratos received an honourable mention at the 2016 Compasso d’Oro Award.


What is it? Stratos by Cordivari is an ultra-compact thermal solar panel.

What is special about it? Stratos has an ultra-compact design; this considerably reduces the amount of space it takes-up, but without diluting its energy. In fact, its storage tank is built-in in the panel itself. What’s more, Stratos is easily installed (it can be installed as a standalone piece or as a set), and it guarantees top energy-saving and efficiency. This is precisely why, Stratos received an honourable mention at the 2016 Compasso d’Oro Award.

How is it made? Aluminium frame, bottom and walls are highly insulated and the solar panel itself is in hail-proof tempered glass. Stratos is an energy efficient and sustainable piece, it has an integrated storage system, which provides hot water. Available in two different sizes: 150 l, 200 l.

Who is it by? Set up in 1972, Italian brand Cordivari is a key player in the hydrothermal industry. What its mission statement? To manufacture top quality pieces, which bring together design, ethics and ground breaking technology.

We have chosen it because… Stratos by Cordivari is an extremely functional, sustainable and futuristic piece and what’s more, it has an ultra-compact design with elegant aesthetics. Finally, a solar panel which brings together energy efficiency and aesthetics.

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