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Superleggero by Riedel

| Designbest editorial staff


uperleggero is an ultralight glass decanter which is handcrafted and designed to maximize wine aeration.  This is a dream for any wine expert but it will also appeal to nondrinkers as it’s manageable, elegant and refined: a piece which you can display at all times.

  • What is it?  Superleggero by Riedel, a handformed glass decanter.
  • What’s special about it? As its name suggests, Superleggero is an ultralight piece.  At a first glance, it’s clear that it perfectly combines functional design with elegance. What’s more, it’s designed to ensure optimal wine aeration:  a must-have for any wine (and design) enthusiast.
  • How is it made?  Made of ultralight glass, Superleggero is handformed entirely.  It has a special seal with the RIEDEL logo on the outside of the decanter’s neck  and a recess in the base to ensure easy handling.
  • Who is it by? Maximilian J. Riedel is the CEO of the brand, 11th  generation in the family business. Superleggero epitomizes the mission of the Austrian brand:  to make the most of wine taste through design.  In fact, Riedel is a family-run company which was established as far back as nearly 300 years ago. Riedel is internationally recognised for its innovative glass products dedicated to wine–tasting, and now also to soft drinks. What’s the secret behind its enduring success? Riedel was the first in history to find out that the shape of glass (and decanter) influences the bouquet and taste of wine; and eventually Riedel found a solution to this. 
  •  We have chosen it because….   It has clean and curved lines which make it perfect even when it’s empty. What’s more, with Superleggero you will always make an excellent impression with friends and relatives because it allows the wine to unfold completely. A feast for the mouth and eyes. 
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