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Tableau, a tray which waters your plants
| Designbest editorial staff


tray which holds vases in different sizes: this is Tableau by Pikaplant. And what is so special about this, you may ask? The answer is a simple one: Tableau has a clever irrigation system built in its base, which will give to your plants the right amount of water. That is to say, we grow plants and Tableau waters them...

  • What is it? Tableau is a tray with a built-in irrigation system, which waters your plants. You just need to place them on-top of the tray.
  • What is special about it? Tableau is minimalist, simple and a stroke of genius. Tableau is able to dose the right amount of water your plants need; you do not need to do anything. In simple terms, it waters our plants without wasting even a drop.  
  • How is it made? The base, available in either white or black, controls soil humidity levels and is fitted with an analogue irrigation system, which doesn't need to be connected to the electrical mains. And the three vases are simply placed on top. A single tank provides the necessary water, which seeps through a special fabric membrane. 
  • Who is it by? Tableau is by Pikaplant, a Dutch brand set up by designers Joost van Uden and Dan Sutjahj. Two designers with a strong practical sense and an eye towards sustainability. They think of plants as proper decorations with a life of their own and love to find design solutions accessible to all, even for those who don't have a green thumb. Tableau was funded through crowd-funding on Kickstarter. 
  • We have chosen it because... Who doesn't dream of having a centrepiece in bloom or a special floral arrangement to display in the living room? You only need to choose plants and flowers and the rest is taken care of: Tableau waters them and makes sure they grow healthily. You can even go away for the weekend and everything will be fine! 
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