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Misha, wallcoverings

| Designbest editorial staff


lassic wallpapers are back in vogue with a revised look, magical effects and special workmanship that unites tradition and technology. This is exactly the case with Misha’s new wallcoverings which focus on classic hand-embroidery techniques carried out by expert Chinese embroiderers. It is a meticulous technique that brings ancient traditions back into fashion and focuses on every detail. This results in original 3D effects where the images seem to come alive and dance on the walls.

With exotic birds, delicate peonies, iridescent fish, glamour graphics and magnolia blossoms, each subject offers sophisticated elegance and an oriental feeling, turning classical decorations into a contemporary and luxurious motif.

The minimal thickness of the embroidery, combined with the countless shades of the expertly sewn fine-silk threads, invokes the magnificence of antique tapestries. The atmosphere is chic; the scenery is charming; and the three types of embroidery (half embroidery, full embroidery and outline) create an unmistakable look inside the home. It is a stylistic language which celebrates pure beauty in an impeccable balance between the past and present.



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