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Samsung , TV The Frame

| Designbest editorial staff


leek design, perfect picture and sound quality; this is Frame by Samsung. But, what we like best of Frame by Samsung is that when switched off it doesn’t look at all like an ordinary TV. Rather, the painting of our dreams.


  • What is it? The Frame by is the new 55 x 65 inch screen TV by Samsung
  • What is special about it? When The Frame is switched off it looks like a real painting. It’s up to you to pick the image (you can choose between landscapes, architecture, iconic paintings and photographs), and The Frame automatically adjusts nighttime and daytime intensity. It’ll be just like having bought a new painting.
  • How is it made? When switched off, smart technology turns The Frame into a proper painting. In fact, you just need to switch the Arte mode on to chose between over 100 different paintings by 37 famous artists, and see one instead of the standard black screen. The Frame is also fitted with Invisible Connection, an optic cable which gets rid of exposed cables hanging from the back; and with No Gap Wall-Mount, a bracket which finds the perfect position for the TV and reduces the empty space between wall and TV screen. Plus, The Frame can be customized with frames available in various colours.
  • Who is it by? Born in 1967, Swiss designer Yves Behar says: “Design doesn’t aim to show the future, on the contrary it takes us to the future”. Founding member of Fuseproject (innovative user experience aimed at evoking different emotions by depicting various brands), Yves has a multidisciplinary approach to his work, blending innovation with emotion.
  • We have chosen it because… With The Frame, you can choose your favourite painting just by clicking on it, replacing the standard black screen. And when you fancy a change, you can pick another image or frame. Nothing beats having the painting of your dreams right in your living room.


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