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Harmony, Piqué Collection

| Designbest editorial staff


iqué, the new ceramic concept designed by José Manuel Ferrero of estudi{H}ac for Harmony, was born of a passion for fabrics, a tactile search for what’s beautiful and a marked preference for the sober elegance of natural colors.

It is a collection of ceramics that transforms the traditional mosaic into a powerful visual and textural design: the small 20x40cm, 10x10 cm or 10x40 cm porcelain tiles go for a dynamic and vibrant geometric effect that breaks down the volumes by folding the cloth and overlaying the layers of fabric. It is an explosive yet refined entrance into the world of surfaces thanks to the choice of colors that create 3D ton-sur-ton or contrasting effects with sophisticated, delicate and deep allure. There are four shades for Piqué Waffle and Piquét 3D (Anthracite, Bordeaux, Sand and White), with just two for Piqué Mosaic (Anthracite and White).

The inspiration to create this collection comes from 18th century mechanized technique for weaving double cloth with a heavy cording weft. And for the interior designer José Manuel Ferrero, whose research is based on Mediterranean culture and on his British influence after years spent in London, the intent was immediately clear: to concentrate on perfect textural and graphical studies to translate this creatively technique with an emotional impact that can mold the space with interplays of light and relief patterns and poetic sensations that create refined spaces.



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