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| Designbest editorial staff


valon by De Vecchi: take a tray, add nibbles and you’ll have an impromptu aperitif. And if you have similar tastes to ours, you’ll definitely go for this reversible design in steel and leather. With Avalon, even the simplest of aperitifs becomes an ultra-chic cocktail party.

  • What is it? Avalon is a new tray in leather and steel, it also comes with six cocktail-sticks for aperitifs.
  • What is special about it? Avalon is a refined piece; it’s also extremely functional as its six cocktail-sticks come in different styles (so your guests won’t mix them up). What’s more, Avalon has two incredible style details. First of all, it’s fitted with a magnetic cocktail-stick holder, which you can place either in the centre or to the side of the tray. Avalon is also reversible, finished on one side in gloss and on the other in satin.
  • How is it made? Avalon is in stainless steel with handles in genuine leather; it’s finished on one side in gloss and on the other in satin. It also has a magnetic cocktail-stick holder, which can be attached on both sides of the tray. Avalon is part of the Polaris design series.
  • Who is it by? Santa Design Studio was established in 2011, by Matteo Memmi and Marco Forbicioni. Santa Design Studio includes professionals from a variety of different fields: designers, set designers and social media experts, who constantly work side by side. Because of this, each design is manufactured and packaged with great attention to detail.
  • We have chosen it because… The name Avalon comes from the mythical fairy island, where Excalibur was forged. In fact, we would like to think that through Avalon, we can relive some of the tales of the knights of the round table. However, it was Avalon’s sophisticated elegance and extreme functionality, which really won us over: you can take it apart, turn it around and use it as you please. With Avalon, you’ll always put on a great spread! 
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