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Turn Studio, collection Trepō - design Kenny Sing

| Designbest editorial staff


quares, rectangles and triangles decorate plates, bowls and vases. Similar to a magic trick or an illusion, these digital graphic patterns decorate handmade ceramics.


  • What is it Trepō by Turn Studio, digital ceramics.
  • What is special The studio’s name (Turn) derives from the word lathe. In fact, the digital ceramics by Kenny Sing are decorated with a combination of abstract and geometric patterns that come to life thanks a lathe. The plates, bowls and vases are either painted by hand or engraved with triangles and squares that by rotating on a lathe, create a cutting-edge design that focuses on combining ceramic, graphics and animation techniques.
  • How is it made The vases, bowls and plates have digital graphic patterns that either engraved or painted by hand. The geometric patterns are transferred to the lathe and in turn, create an optical illusion of a digital animation.
  • Who is it by An American designer from California, Kenny Sing is an expert in the field of User Interaction Design, graphic design, animation and groundbreaking pottery (a potter from the age of 16). Kenny has a multidisciplinary approach and his passion for design, started as a high-school student, prompts him to constantly push the boundaries of conventional design, exploring the fields that are apparently distant, creating extraordinary groundbreaking designs. 
  • We have chosen it because… Dramatic and modern,they create magical illusions of animated worlds. The innovation lies in a simple idea (brilliant too): place the ceramics on a lathe and as if by magic, you are catapulted to Escher’s world.


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