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Tonelli Design, mirror Tropikal - design Karim Rashid

| Designbest editorial staff


nspired by banana leaves, Karim Rashid transforms a standard mirror into an alluring piece. In fact, Tropikal by Tonelli is a freestanding mirror with a clean aesthetic.


  • What is it Tropikal by Tonelli Design, a mirror on castors that serves as a screen too.
  • What is special about it Its silhouette resembles large banana leaves and in addition, it has a double-sided frame and castors. Tropikal is therefore a practical and versatile piece. It’s serves as a room divider too.
  • How is it made It has a base in a black, matt lacquer finish with hidden castors and a double-sided panel in either smoked glass or mirrored smoked glass.
  • Who is it by The designerKarim Rashid is Egyptian by birth as well as a naturalised Canadian citizen. Considered one of the most prolific designers on the international scene, throughout the years Karim has designed over 3000 projects as well as winning over 300 different awards. Eclectic, multifaceted and inspired by a diverse range of art forms, Karim’s work includes hotels, furniture, accessories and public spaces. His mission is to reach the general public with his designs.
  • We have chosen it because… As it’s not domineering, this sculptural piece is suitable for a vast range of decors. Besides, its hidden castors are an extremely clever detail that transforms it, when need be, in a freestanding room divider.


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