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Tuo Fuoripista by Elite

| Designbest editorial staff


veryone ready for over-the-top Christmas feasts? If you want to make it out unscathed and really stay in shape, but the idea of a -2° C calorie-burning ride kills your enthusiasm, here is the solution: a professional wheel-on trainer for intensive rides…from inside your living room.


  • What it is Tuo Fuoripista by Elite, the interactive wheel-on trainer.
  • What makes it special Beautiful, compact and high-performing, this wheel-on trainer is perfect for exercising on a racing or mountain bike without leaving the living room. Made with natural and sustainable materials (the frame is made in metal and the legs in beechwood), it is light and easily closes after use, taking up very little space. Plus, it is interactive and works with almost any app, software, computer, smartphone and tablet via iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. A genuine personal trainer, it suggests personalized exercises for you. Not by chance, TUO won the Good Design Award 2020 and is among the candidates for the Compasso d’Oro in the ADI Design Index 2020.
  • How it is made It is a foldable and interactive wheel-on trainer in metal and beechwood. Equipped with automatic resistance adjustment, it has a light yet robust structure which has been designed to absorb sprints and stress during training without ever losing stability thanks to its rubber non-slip feet. Perfect for holding various-sized bike wheels, it has electronically managed magnetic resistance which allows it to accurately replicate street training while guaranteeing pedaling realism and a power range of up to 1300 Watt at 40 km/h. It is made in Elastogel, an exclusive polyurethane molecule developed by Elite which allows for a 50% reduction in noise and 20% reduction in wear. Lastly, thanks to the ANT+ FE-C and Bluetooth system, TUO is completely interactive and communicates with cell phones, tablets or computers via iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. It includes a free 12-month subscription to the My E-Training software, the program developed by Elite to create personalized training programs.
  • Whose idea it is Elite, the Italian company which has been specialized in state-of-the-art technological products in the world of cycling for over 40 years, especially in wheel-on trainers, water bottles and bottle cages. Made up of a team of 60, with 15 engineers and specialized technicians, they focus on research and innovation and produce locally in Fontaniva (PD), where its headquarters and factory are located, and only collaborates with exclusive partners.
  • We chose it because… It is definitely a professional tool for cycling enthusiasts and athletes in general, but not only. It is also an object of design which perfectly combines innovation, sustainability, practicality and aesthetics. It is so beautiful to look at that you can leave in sight in the living room, and so practical and high-performing that it will overcome the hesitations of the laziest of us. This wheel-on trainer is what you need to go from being a beginner to being champ during the new year.



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