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Guglielmi, mixer tap Tuttuno - Puro collection

| Designbest editorial staff


ersonal tastes vary when it comes to water, whether you prefer it sparkling or mineral, hot or icy-cold. To satisfy all tastes, we’ve found a groundbreaking, sustainable mixer tap that with the touch of a button, meets all your requirements and safeguards the environment too.


  • What is it Partof the line Pura by Guglielmi, Tuttuno is a mixer tap with five optional modes.
  • What is special Whether you want distilled, chilled, sparkling or hot water, this groundbreaking mixer tap satisfies all your different requirements, by simply pressing a button. In addition to household water in fact, it dispenses hot (100°), chilled, mineral or sparkling water, consequently reducing waste and helping you save on your bill.
  • How is it made Thanks to a keypad, you are able to select the type of water. In addition, there’s a certified eco-sustainable microfiltration system with extruded carbon active silver ions that through a bacteriostatic process, dispenses distilled water. Tuttuno is available in 5 different designs in varying heights, spout styles and finishes (with a Touch control too), all the designs have an integrated aerator that incorporates two jets. There are two different commands: the left command (illustrated with a drinking glass) activates water filtering; the right command, on the other hand, supplies household water. In addition, it has a safety system that prevents the accidental release of boiling water.
  • Who is it by Started in 1954, Guglielmi is an Italian family-run firm that manufactures taps.
  • A pioneer in the field in fact, Guglielmi patented, in the same year it was established, the first single lever shower water heater system, joined by other firsts such as the first thermostatic mixer tap and the first single lever mixer with a patented system, designed in the sixties. Guglielmi constantly strives towards innovation, focusing on improving the quality of life as well as safeguarding the environment with products that combine design and functionality.
  • We have chosen it because…  Wave goodbye to plastic bottles, besides you are now able to shorten the time you spend cooking (not having to wait for the water to boil) and you’ll constantly have distilled water, fresh as spring water. So thanks to Tuttuno by Guglielmi, you are able to reduce water waste and lower your carbon footprint, taking into account the wellbeing of your entire family.


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