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Unico by Fazzini Home, the sheet set in lightweight linen

| Designbest editorial staff


s you may well know, linen is the ideal summertime fabric. And as we love it so much, we’ve decided to use it all year round. Unico by Fazzini Home is bed linen with a homely and cosy vibe, which will keep us snug all year long.  


What is it? Unico by Fazzini Home is a sheet set in pure linen.  

What is special about it? Unico’s nautical style (updated in beige) is perfect for summer: fresh, lightweight and crease-proof. And Unico also comes with a duvet cover, so it’s also practical for winter and it’s informal homely feel adds instant warmth.

How is it made? It’s in dyed linen woven from mix of natural and coloured yarn (Made in Italy). The unique Pentec treatment adds more elasticity and volume to the fibre.

Who is it by? Fazzini is a manufacturer of home textiles, its products are Made in Italy from start to finish. This brand dates as far back as the early twentieth century, when two industrial families based north of Milan formed a partnership. Zibetti was in the embroidery business and Fazzini was a textile manufacturer known for its pillow cases. A great partnership which gave life to one of the top Italian brands of home textiles. 

We have chosen it because… Unico by Fazzini Home looks slightly creased and lived in, perfect for your sleepless nights, lazy mornings in bed and cozy evenings staying in reading a good book. Unico will instantly make us feel snug, the perfect piece for your holidays. 

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