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Vega 175 di La Cartuja de Sevilla, il servizio di piatti con il manico.

| Designbest editorial staff


he summertime table chooses white as well as plates and trays with fluid silhouettes. The perfect recipe to put on the table: Spanish craftsmanship, modern creativity and innovative 3D technology.


  • What is it? Vega 175 by La Cartuja de Sevilla, is a new plate set and table setting accessories.
  • What is special about it? Vega 175 is a plate set with a clean and simple aesthetic, perfect for a modern table that combines craftsmanship tradition with hi-tech..
  • How is it made? All the pieces in the collection are printed in 3D technology and have handles with fluid silhouettes. The collection includes: vases, trays with compartments, candelabra and coat hangers. Vega 175 combines traditional craftsmanship from Seville with innovative printing technology.
  • Who is it by? Born in 1976, the Spanish designer Isaac Piñeiro has worked with established designers such as Odo Fioravanti, Huub Ubbens and Matali Crasset. Isaac splits his time between his work in Italy and studio Nadadora, his projects have a simple formal and conceptual aesthetic that focuses on a timeless, intuitive style.
  • We have chosen it because… Vega 175 is a plate set with a simple aesthetic, yet the central handle confers to each piece a unique touch. We think that this plate set (that includes jugs and casserole dishes too) would be perfect for serving fruit, crudités, fresh juices and tasty nibbles, all summer-long.
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