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When Object Work, collection VVD

| Designbest editorial staff


VD is the latest tableware series by Vincent Van Duysen for When Object Work, and it’s made from a variety of different materials like ceramics, glass, marble and wood. Practicality coupled with clean and simple aesthetics. We cannot be without!

  • What is it? VVD by When Object Work, is a new tableware and kitchenware series.
  • What is special about it? Without a doubt, VVD’s crisp aesthetics are perfect for everyday use. However, it has something more than the other tableware series on the market: refined Scandinavian-inspired aesthetics, which will undoubtedly add a stylish touch to your table and kitchen.
  • How is it made? VVD uses a range of materials like wood, marble, ceramics and glass. Functional as well as timeless; this tableware series has clean and simple aesthetics.
  • Who is it by? Belgian designer Vincent Van Duysen has a great talent in bringing together natural shades with organic shapes; this results in extremely poetic practical pieces. Vincent’s refined minimalism is exactly what he calls “the art of living”.
  • We have chosen it because… Elegant, sophisticated, yet simple and practical. VVD by When Object Work will add a stylish touch to your everyday table (and kitchen), perfect for any occasion.


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