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Whirlpool, washing machine WCollection

| Designbest editorial staff


large black porthole, digital controls and intuitive technology; this is WCollection by Whirlpool. WCollection by Whirlpool is the washing machine of the future: elegant, practical, energy efficient and ultra- smart. What’s more, WCollection will always be at the ready to take great care of your clothes...and ultimately of you.

  • What is it? Set WCollection by Whirlpool is a new washing machine with intuitive technology.
  • What’s special about it? Set WCollection is a unique washing machine with an aesthetically pleasing design, plus it has a load of really cutting edge features. And let’s not forget, it’s so easy to use it can even be remotely operated.
  • How is it made? It has a large black porthole with digital controls, an extractable dispenser with easy grip handle (so it can be taken out and washed with great ease) and 6° Senso PrecisonDose intuitive technology, which lets you programme up to 50 consecutive loads. MuSmartDisplay finds the right cycle for you, it memorizes tailor-made programmes and lets you add last minute items (even bulky things like maxi dresses and sheets) even if the cycle is already under way (6° SENSO Garments+). Plus, there is a silent-washing cycle, a feature which keeps your clothes sweet scented and fresh, even if you don’t unload the washing machine right away, plus it can be remotely operated.
  • Who is it by? Global Consumer Design Center by Whirlpool is a worldwide brand, a leading manufacturer of household appliances, best-known for blending technological innovation with contemporary aesthetics.
  • We have chosen it because… WCollection by Whirlpool is extremely elegant as well as efficient and practical. Plus, if offers those special little things which make life a lot easier: for example, the extractable dispenser which can be washed in seconds, and intuitive technology which lets you programme up to 50 consecutive loads. With FreshCare, your clothes will be fresh and sweet scented for the next 6 hours even if you leave them in the drum. Without a doubt, WCollection by Whirlpool will add a touch of style to your life.




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