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Whirlpool: Smart Kitchen

| Designbest editorial staff


ne of the most important fairs in the world of hi-tech, CES 2018 has just neared its end in Las Vegas. Without a doubt, Whirlpool has been one of the key players of this edition, winning no less than three 2018 CES Innovation Awards.

This incredible success is down to the Smart Kitchen with its integrated appliances that are remotely accessed via the Yummly app. In fact, Yummly 2.0, the latest app developed by Yummly, the leading platform for customized recipes, is now integrated in all smart devices by Whirlpool.

What can expect from this smart kitchen? The answer is a simple one: a virtual chef who works independently and is always at our disposal and who will avoid wasting food. In fact, Yummly has simple yet brilliant features:

  1. Recognizing different ingredients. Yummly can tell different types of food apart: we just need to photograph them with our Smartphone (including leftovers) and the app will suggest appropriate recipes. 
  2. Integrated cooking. The app saves all your favourite recipes and the integrated appliances will in turn receive the relevant cooking instructions.
  3. Optimising time. Yummly is synchronized with the other devices and helps us save time: with just a click, we can add any ingredient we want and we can even do our shopping through Instant cart and have it delivered at home within the hour.

As Jennifer Tayebi, the Communications Brand Manager of the Whirlpool Brand, aptly puts it “we want our appliances to simplify family life”. In fact, Yummly and Smart Kitchen promise to take care of us and our diet.


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