Bathed in natural light

Floor-to-ceiling windows and a large landscape mirror; this is how you can turn your bathroom into a relaxing light-filled open-plan space...


A modern bathroom, perfect for personal wellbeing

Vanity unit at one end, and bathtub at the other. This scheme is perfect for turning any standard bathroom into your very own home spa.


A natural bathroom

Parquet flooring, exposed beams and shelves. Natural wood rules in this bathroom inspired by Scandinavian style; this helps to balance private spaces with personal wellbeing.


A twin washbasin separates the bathroom

An open-plan bathroom at one with nature; this space is both soothing and intimate. This room stands out for its unconventional layout: twin washbasins mounted onto thin partitions and in turn form a secluded area, however this doesn’t block the outside view.


Bathroom, a new space for beauty

Our freestanding bathtub is inspired by traditional English roll-top bathtubs, the on-top washbasin brings to mind a retro vanity unit, and the maxi armchair is inspired by a chaise longue.


Bathtub and washbasin with a curved silhouette

A bathtub with a curved silhouette and a washbasin with a soft line; this combo will turn even the plainest of bathrooms into a truly welcoming space...


A natural oasis in the bathroom

A freestanding bathtub with a curved silhouette and a wet room in the background, perfect for taking in the great outdoors. These two details are more than enough to turn even the plainest of bathrooms into a dramatic and relaxing home spa.

Best Choice

A natural bathroom: our top inspirations

A neutral colour scheme, delicate tones, bathtubs with rounded silhouettes, a soothing space and a welcoming environment. This natural mood is inspired by traditional Turkish baths, so follow our simple guidelines to turn even the plainest of bathrooms into a modern and restful space...