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GranitiFiandre, AquaMaximum collection

| Designbest editorial staff


right and dazzling, pure-white redesigns this bathroom, turning it into a space where wellbeing meets fitness. And to get this look, you only need a few functional pieces with crisp aesthetics. Fixtures and fittings can be discretely arranged around perimeter walls, not cluttering up the space. This is what we have: twin washbasin, shower with built-in sauna, a  locker room-inspired bench and a floor lamp, which appears to be stretching in mid air. This bathroom is light and airy with a clear urban vibe. 


Three pieces one style

Oriental storage.

These three pebble-shaped dishes can either be stacked on top of each other or used separately. This set is perfect for our scheme and what’s more, the smallest of the three is a scented candle holder.

Cotton pad dispenser.

We regularly use cotton buds and pads to wipe makeup off and to apply cleanser or face cream. This elegant dispenser will keep your essentials always within reach. 

Hi-tech scale.

It measures weight, body mass (muscle to fat ratio) and heart rate. And sends all its findings directly to your smart phone, so you can keep your fitness regime in check. 

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