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Marazzi, collection Absolute White

| Designbest editorial staff


ur new contemporary bathroom has a formal aesthetic with orthogonal silhouettes. The accessories are essential, yet the space, flooded in natural light, is equally welcoming. The entire scheme is about your personal wellbeing: there’s a spacious and well-organized dressing table on one side, an oversized, monolithic bathtub on the other, softened by the exotic touch of a lantern that doubles a side table. Subtly blended in the background, the shower is made with great attention to detail: a maxi rain showerhead and a streamlined shower tray flush to the floor. For a bathroom devoted to elegance.

Style details

The oriental lantern.

This large piece takes centre stage and adds an exotic touch. It becomes a side table as well for your sponges and shower gels.

The ladder towel rack.

This one has a clean and simple aesthetic, yet you can opt for a more irregularly shaped version: transform your old stepladder in a stylish towel rack.

The maxi shower.

Spacious, geometric and see-through: for your personal pleasure, go for a version such as this, elegant and practical.

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