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Lago, washbasin Depth

| Designbest editorial staff


owadays, the bathroom has become a haven for personal wellbeing, in which you can recall the magic of past adventures, fight-off the greyness of winter or simply dream of being in your very own home spa. The outside-facing bathtub makes you feel as if you were surrounded by nature, the wall-to-wall mirror multiplies lights, whereas the wall-mounted shelves add a dynamic touch to the entire space. Wooden details, wicker and jute complement the scheme: a room with a relaxed vibe and exotic flair.

Three pieces one style

Wooden washstand.

The rustic feel of wood instantly makes the spaces feel welcoming and warm. This is down to the "natural" feel of wood.

Suspended shelves.

As if by magic, suspended shelves shake up conventional style rules (but preserving a sense of practicality nonetheless) and add a striking contemporary touch.

Freestanding bathtub.

It can go in the centre of the room or beside the window, as long as it has a cocoon-like silhouette. In this way it combines two pleasant feelings: intimacy and freedom.

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