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BMT Bagni, collection SOUND.Blues 2.05

| Designbest editorial staff


here’s a wall-to-wall mirror on one side, and a mini pool on the other. The scheme is complemented by crisp furniture and simple wooden decking that adds warmth. This is how you can turn a standard bathroom into your very own home spa: clean, bright, cocoon-like devoted to your personal wellbeing.

Three pieces one style

Mini pool flush to the floor.

There has to be plenty of room, of course, but couldn’t it replace a standard bathtub? The overall effect is really dramatic. 

Wall-to-wall mirror.

An oversized mirror with a clean line: a wall-to-wall mirror creates the impression of a much wider room and reflects the pool of water in a game of light and shapes.

Low-level storage.

If you want to make the most of any available space, go for a low-level washbasin. This solution doesn’t clutter the room and elongates the space.

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