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Agape, bathtub Immersion

| Designbest editorial staff


lean and modern; this bathroom is in line with present-day living. However, there’s a magical detail inspired by ancient bathing rituals: a curved bathtub, a modern take on a traditional Oriental washtub, which turns bathing into a daily ritual. A deep bathtub with a cocoon-like silhouette which even has a built-in seat in Iroko wood; this brings traditional bathing rituals to the present. A way to revamp your bathroom, a clean and simple space where you can enjoy some quality me-time away from your daily stress.

Three pieces one style

Deep bathtub.

Go for a deep bathtub, inspired by an old washtub. This is how your bath-time adjusts to ancient Oriental rituals.

Cluster of lights.

Hang several pendant lamps in different sizes and styles over the washbasin: chic and dramatic. 

Two-tone shelf.

Bright, soothing, clean: go ahead to white, it never gets tired. Plus, accents in a darker colour will add a contemporary twist.

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